About Us

It is one of the beverages that has been around for so many generations. But it is almost like we take tea for granted. Even when you see people making a cup of tea, you are often seeing them do so because they want a caffeine buzz. You will rarely hear about people who are drinking tea for its health benefits. But it is such a shame, because the health benefits of black tea and other types of tea are immense.

We created this resource to show you all of the wonderful things that you will add to your body when you are drinking tea. Having tea for health benefits is something that we feel passionately about. We also like to explore the possibility of adding tea to other diets or fitness regimes. Recently, we discovered the ketogenic diet and it has been a big game changer in terms of overall health and weight loss possibilities. We have a number of pieces that focus on combining a ketogenic diet and regular tea consumption.

We welcome everyone to our site and magazine, because we want you to get inspired. If you are hoping to lose weight, we know that you will find some of our resources very useful. But even if you are happy with your weight, you can always learn about healthier ways of living. Perhaps you can start adding a couple cups of tea to your daily routine, which would give you so many health benefits. Or maybe you can learn about why it is important to cut down on the consumption of carbs!

One of the reasons we are so successful is because of the relationship with our readers. And we are always accepting articles, recipes and other fun content from our readers. If you are passionate about tea or the keto diet, get in touch with us!